Serious Car Accident and Personal Injury Solicitors

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I have been hurt in a serious accident and it is not clear if I will ever be able to walk again; my friend advised me to go to and to check out some of the information that is present there, to see if they have any information that may be helpful for me. I am going to need to hire a solicitor in order to file a personal injury claim for me, because the accident that I was involved in was not my fault and it may impact my ability to make money for the rest of my life. That is especially the case if it turns out to be true that I am never able to walk again. I hope that won’t be the case, but you never know, and I guess I am just going to pray that I do learn to walk again.

The doctors say that it is too early in the game to be able to know for sure if all of the proper nerves will regenerate, which would allow me to walk again. I suffered a fairly serious back injury in the accident that I was involved in. Initially the doctors did not even think that I was going to pull through the accident, and they figured I would die my first night in the hospital. That is mostly because I also had a head injury, and it threatened to end my life. But I guess I was pretty lucky, because I pulled through, and now here I am, sitting in a hospital bed, wondering about my future. My future will go a lot better if I am able to get a large settlement for the injury that I have. If I am not able to get that money, I am not sure what is going to happen to me.

Serious Car Accident and Personal Injury Solicitors

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I have been hurt in a serious accident and it is not clear if I will ever be able to walk again; my friend advised me to go to and to check out some of the information that is present there, to see if they have any information that may be helpful for me. I am going to need to hire a solicitor in order to file a personal injury claim for me, because the accident that I was involved in was not my fault and it may impact my ability to make money for the rest of my life. That is especially the case if it turns out to be true that I am never able to walk again. I hope that won’t be the case, but you never know, and I guess I am just going to pray that I do learn to walk again.

The doctors say that it is too early in the game to be able to know for sure if all of the proper nerves will regenerate, which would allow me to walk again. I suffered a fairly serious back injury in the accident that I was involved in. Initially the doctors did not even think that I was going to pull through the accident, and they figured I would die my first night in the hospital. That is mostly because I also had a head injury, and it threatened to end my life. But I guess I was pretty lucky, because I pulled through, and now here I am, sitting in a hospital bed, wondering about my future. My future will go a lot better if I am able to get a large settlement for the injury that I have. If I am not able to get that money, I am not sure what is going to happen to me.

Making a Rule You Choose to Never Break

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People get hurt because of other people’s mistakes. I have a hard time understanding the mindset that thinks it is okay to drive a car while drunk or under the influence of some other kind of drug. A really common thing is for people to drive when they are tired. That is an impairment too. They think they can handle it, and that everything will be fine. Then they hurt someone. Sometimes it is very serious. Victims, if they are still alive, hire attorneys that handle car accident claims. The people that have caused the accident have to pay attorneys for their defense. If they are found guilty, there can be jail time and costs that are astronomical. » Read more: Making a Rule You Choose to Never Break

What To Look For When Hiring A Disability Claims Lawyer

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If you have recently been the victim of a catastrophic accident that resulted in you being seriously, or even permanently, injured, there’s a lot to think about in the aftermath. You certainly have the right to bring a lawsuit in court in order to claim the damages you deserve in order to pay off your hospital bills. You will also need to get a settlement that pays you back for the time you’ve missed from your job, as well as the rent payments for your home or vehicle that you might not have been able to make. This is one situation where you will need professional help to win your ultimate victory.

Where Can You Turn In Order To Win A Positive Judgment For Your Case?

The next question to consider is where you can turn in order to win a positive judgment for your case. The most logical answer is to a disability claims lawyer. If your insurance company is balking at paying you the settlement you desire and deserve, you will need to use the legal process to get the result that you desperately need to regain your financial independence. A disability claims lawyer is the person who can represent your case in court and convince a judge that you are fully justified in seeking damages from the party that caused your accident, as well as your resulting injuries.

Think Long And Carefully Before You Hire Your Disability Claims Lawyer

When it comes to hiring lawyers for disability claims, you’ve got to think fast and on your feet. This is one area in which you simply cannot afford to be lax in your judgment. You have a great deal riding on your decision, and not only in regard to your finances. A bad or inexperienced lawyer can lose you precious articles of your property, including your car or even your home. You will want to make absolutely sure that the lawyer you hire has your best interests in mind, and isn’t simply out to collect a salary regardless of whether you win or lose your case in court.

What Are The Qualities Of A Reputable Disability Claims Lawyer?

A reputable and professional disability claims lawyer will arrange a free consultation in order to sit down with you and discuss the merits of the case. A professional lawyer will never ask for money upfront, nor will they ask you to sign paperwork that you don’t fully understand. Finally, a truly reputable lawyer will have plenty of references in the professional world, as well as industry certifications they won’t hesitate to show you.

Where Can You Go To Get The Very Best Disability Claims Lawyer?

The final step you should consider before you decide on your final action is the question of just where you can find the very best disability claims lawyer for your specific needs. If you live in the Toronto area, there are a host of reputable disability claims lawyers, such as HSH Lawyers, available to assist you in your hour of need. Once you have located the best disability claims lawyer for your case, you’ll be able to proceed to court with the confidence you need to prove your case and get the settlement you desire and deserve.

Prevent threats by using the security application

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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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The Law Society has recently proudly announced that a number of high profile senior counsels are giving their time pro bono for the prosecution by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of those accused of cruelty to animals.

The middle letters of RSPCA (i.e. Prevention of Cruelty) would describe this action. It is politically correct to support such noble causes and non-profit organizations such as the RSPCA in its quest to protect animals from cruelty.

The article gives a horrific example of some delinquent recently shooting a cat with a crossbow and only being fined $500.

Using the Greek concept of ethics as a systematic moral inquiry into conduct and Socratic Method I wish to ask the following questions.

(a) in terms of inductive logical methodology is it ethically wrong to shoot animals with cross bows? (and, hence, morally correct for the RSPCA to criminally prosecute transgressors), and
(b) is the RSPCA an ethical organization in that it follows its stated moral aim of preventing cruelty to animals.

A cat all would agree is an animal. As such there is nothing in the nature of a cat that distinguishes it from a goat, a pig, or a deer in terms of its moral right as a species to live free from pain or from arbitrary death.

A hunter can legally buy a crossbow and go out to a forest and slaughter pigs, deers and goats without being liable to criminal prosecution. Indeed, there is nothing less cruel in the shooting of a deer by a crossbow then in the shooting of a cat. Why then does society condemn the killing of a cat via cross bow but not a deer? The RSPCA does not prosecute hunters of animals.

Maybe the distinction, one may say, is that the first ones are feral animals whilst the cat is a domestic animal. Now obviously the distinction is not in the essence of the animal and philosophically untenable. I.e, there is no essential difference between something wild and something tame. Indeed, the question of being domesticated is not in the essence of the thing itself but a definition deriving from the possession of a thing to ownership. Therefore, a cat is feral only if it does not have an owner, in the same way as a goat. Further, is a hunter permitted to kill a goat with a crossbow if it is not wild as long as he has the consent of the owner?

So then what is the real difference between the delinquent who kills the cat and the hunter who kills the goat?

The RSPCA may say that really its intention is to protect dogs and cats from cruelty and therefore it limits its functions to these things; but this does not answer the ethical dilemma of why the law would prosecute someone for shooting a cat but would never dream of prosecuting hunter for legally shooting a goat.

One may retort here that we are limiting our inquiry to cruelty to purely domestic creatures such as dogs, cats, horses, etc – i.e. to pets.

However when a dog is used in a pig hunt, it has a 50% chance of having its guts ripped out by the tusks of a pig, of being mauled severely and dying slow and agonizing death – the SPCA does not prosecute hunters who use pig dogs.

Cats and dogs are regularly used in cosmetics and medical experiments in universities they die over a long period of time in the most agonising of circumstances and yet the RSPCA does not prosecute cosmetics manufacturers or medical companies.

But let us look further afield and around us to the abuse and destruction of animals. All around us battery hens live horrifically painful lives, without movement, without a chance to ever walk, living in their own excrement and in constant and excruciating pain. The RSPCA does nothing for them.

Meat animals are massacred in slaughterhouses using electric currents and often butchered whilst still alive; they are transported to the slaughter in confined conditions smelling pain death and fear.

So in terms of the ethical underpinning of the law why the public or the legal profession should fund the selective prosecution of a delinquent who happens to shoot a cat with a crossbow when there is animal cruelty and misery all around us on an institutionalized scale. Simply speaking, supporting the RSPCA is illogical and criminally prosecuting mostly poorer members of the public for individual cruelty in the face of such mass cruelty is contrary to the rule of law which is supposed to treat all people equally.

But this brings us to the next question. The RSPCA states that it is doing all it can to alleviate as much suffering as it can with then limited funds it has by prosecuting those that are cruel. Can we blame it for that?

In answer to question B the RSPCA would say that the selective prosecution of the crossbow hunter who shot the cat would deter others from killing cats and, hence, set an example.

That sounds like a noble aim but one must first look at what actually the Crossbow cat Killer is accused of. He is accused of being cruel via the shooting of a cat.

A crossbow is a weapon that can bring down an 80 kilo pig or a 30 kilo dear, a 2 kilo cat would be instantaneously killed without an opportunity to suffer. Indeed, such a cat would feel less or certainly not more pain than if it was injected via lethal injection.

But RSPCA would then say he did not have the right to take the cat’s life. However, the RSPCA catches thousands of cats (and dogs) and “puts them out of their misery” because simply it cannot find a home. Credibly in relation to cats, the cat is correctly happy in the wild and can survive quite nicely. The logic of catching homeless cats is equivalent to the logic of the Nazi psychiatrists who began by injecting homeless and mentally ill children with lethal injections to end their suffering.

However, the cats that the RSPCA slaughters by the thousands are not suffering. They are simply inconvenient and the RSPCA does not have sufficient funding to house them so it kills them. The suffering of cats is in fact a convenient fiction. The RSPCA is actually publicly funded charitable organization for the mass destruction of domestic animals. It is slaughterhouse in the guise of a society preventing cruelty. The public are donating their money and the lawyers are donating their time to a killing factory which devotes a substantial part of its resources to the mass extermination of animals.

To illustrate the horror of this, as a horse owner and lover of horses I know many horror stories of the RSPCA picking up “neglected” horses and then killing them. One particular story coming from a witness is as follows: the RSPCA picked up several horses one with foal because the RSPCA worker could not approach the mare. The mare was shot in the head (when there were people willing to look after it) and then the dead body was left in the filed with the live foal shivering beside it for an entire 24 hours hungry and distressed until a kindly RSPCA officer shot it in the head. Therefore, in terms of its stated aims – the RSPCA is clearly in the Greek sense an unethical organization in that it acts contrary to its own stated ethical principles.

But furthermore, the free representation of parasitic organisations such as the RSPCA who in reality do nothing more than feed of the charity of the public, mask a social blindness and indeed a deep seated misunderstanding of the true nature of ethics.

I would wager few of those representing the RSPCA or supporting its “noble” cause would have read or considered the numerous ethical texts on animal rights and welfare. Without quoting these it is to summarise the argument illogical to consider that animals have any rights when they are slaughtered for sport or food or used as experiments.

What the RSPCA is doing is not promoting the welfare of animals or their rights but simply providing some form of hypocritical alleviation of our social conscience. Lawyers who prosecute are with the greatest respect participating in this hypocrisy whilst all around us there exist numerous human rights violations and indeed animal rights violations which are not being addressed.

Everyone knows about a private organisation which takes dogs away from people because postman or other person accuses the dog of being vicious. The dogs who are forcibly removed for acts no more serious than barking at or cashing postman are taken from their loving owners and exterminated by lethal injection. The SPCA does nothing about that.

Indeed, according to the SPCA anyone is free to exterminate a dog as long as it does not suffer. That means and indeed this has happened -you can be prosecuted for poorly grooming your dog and feeding it insufficiently but you are free to kill your pet dog and eat it.

The new animal welfare legislation permits private organisations like the SPCA to prosecute people and fine them for “cruelty to animals’. What has been created is a private money making machine using animal cruelty as an excuse to make lots and lots of money. The SPCA collects many dollars every year in donations and fines to pay an army of officers, CEOs, vets and lawyers.

In New Zealand the SPCA has become the equivalent of the traffic police who are more interested in collecting money then enforcing road rules. They are a private fiscal organ responsible for the collection of an “animal tax”. However, bizarrely whilst you do not get a criminal charge for speeding (usually) the SPCA have the power and regularly do take out criminal prosecutions for animal offenses.

East-European Views – The Society, The Devils Of Us, And Why Do We Manufacture Them?

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a) The Central European region of Czecho-Slovakia recently underwent more changes than countries that are embodied in their West-European integrity. This has also affected many areas of various subjects, where we can see “transformation earthquakes”.

If we are one day exposed to extreme temperature and another day to extreme frost, we differently react to our environment than other people – we unusually create and condition our social organism. We are conditioning others and being conditioned by continuous interactions. Society behaves like a physical body when, for example, a lost eye may cause a car accident and hence the subsequent death. We must keep our eyes open.

The velvet revolution in 1989 brought a lot of positive and negative facets. As a poet says – “In decay lies the highest beauty and the devil is God’s highest goodness. Wonderful is the swift work of destruction in autumn.” (Edith Södergran, Finnish poet, 1892-1923.) The “swift work of destruction” gave birth to things that we only heard of from the Western world – market economy; unemployment; drugs; uncertainty; boom of spiritualism; overhanging rock faces between the rich and the poor; terrorism. All these domains have their subdomains.

Here I will clearly and briefly describe the above-mentioned impacts on East-Europeans: MARKET ECONOMY – it makes a lot of people busy, parents have not time for their children, which may result in social pathological activities. Poorer economic situation demands to have more jobs. UNEMPLOYMENT – we have to study a lot of western literature to know how to cope with this burden. It is connected with drugs, gambling, crimes, suicides, family splits and quakes. DRUGS – we have a lot of drugs. Only recently did the legislative bodies start to fight against them. There is a little mentioned about the negatives of drugs in mass media. Some parents or children are completely uninformed about this issue. UNCERTAINTY – the psychological impact of it is more visible here than in the West due to the fact that we have not yet been accustomed to it contrary to people in the West. BOOM OF SPIRITUALISM – many youngsters are caught in the claws of sects and do not realize that it is only “ideological Coca Cola” that brings money and high standard of life to “Coca Cola gurus”. THE RICH AND THE POOR – more visible differences make the poorer people more distressful. However, the rich think that money buys anything and these people are actually invincible. This also includes political parties. TERRORISM – we do not have terrorism but with borders open there is a possible risk. However, the rise of social pathological phenomena gives birth to various conflicts of violence between some social groups (entrepreneurs, gypsies, etc.) due to the fact that some socially pathological persons explain democracy as a possibility to do everything.

Prague was the capital of Czechoslovakia and some Slovak psychologists did not like the idea of group directive thinking that had always been woven in Prague. Psychologists separated, as other social groups, in two camps – one for independent Slovakia, another for Czechoslovakia. (Now this can be seen in a progovernment and antigovernment thinking.) I did not belong to any group. I had always been against groups. Part of colleagues started to work at politics and also top politics. The major part of psychological community consists of psychologists working in counseling centers, hospitals, schools, and other state institutions. They strive for better times without having accepted the fruit of all-possibility world (i.e. they do not work as counselors for business activities or politics).

One colleague called the years of Czechoslovak psychological community as the years of asymmetrical model. In the 1990’s, psychology was accepted as an independent professional subject. Till then psychologists had only been workers assigned to various expert subjects, e.g., school and culture resorts, health resort, etc.

The most significant thing was that we were able to achieve final parliamentary proposal of the bill concerning psychological activities. We must say that the works for the preparation of innumerable versions of the law and its repeated submissions to the Slovak Parliament were often inhibited by some our colleagues rather than by people from other professions. Finally, the law No. 199/1994 from 13th July 1994 on psychological activity slithered to light.

There is a significant limitation of bilateral cooperation with Czech psychological community. Even though we could find objective reasons for this condition, I still think that we could have done more in this direction.

The positive thing brought by 1989 is the fact that psychology got out of political supervision and that there was a possibility of mutual competition in providing psychological services.
Moreover, we have the law that will start to gradually control private psychological practice so as to avoid it to be incompetently abused by wrong hands. This law is not in all East-European countries.

If I am to speak about the negatives, let me at least mention frequent endeavor of some specific group interests to be above the development of our endeavor and our psychological practice as a whole (group thinking). A good example of this is the last (and unfortunately valid) modification of the law about machine guns and ammunition where a compulsory psychological screening for applicants of machine guns was excluded. This happened mostly due to the fact that some groups of colleagues did not want to make mutual speech and more comprehensive analysis presumably under strong pressure of other groups.

b) Here I briefly introduce the evils and devils of us, the society: Market economy, unemployment, drugs, uncertainty, boom of spiritualism, the rich and the poor, terrorism. I do not want to make a comprehensive analysis. Let me repeat that this article is rather an essay. Now I will speak a little more about each above-mentioned facet.

Market economy. It is the only solution for our future, but it requires an understanding of all the INTERNET links of us, the devils (let me use a little humor). If someone wants to build a market economy and does not realize that we all are the part of this world with our mutual variability, co-responsibility and interactions, he may devastate other people. The consequence of this, as of any other behavior, shall breed transformations. This mostly concerns the people who have authority and decision-making power. Some economists shall probably never realize that greediness (and lack of ethos) in technological development is in interaction with social pathology, ecology, and other phenomena. If you imagine how much investment is going into the pits of darkness, you may have headaches. Let me give you just an example of American films of violence. Imagine how much money is invested in these films. Imagine children seeing them every day and trying to imitate them. I think that the priorities for us, the humankind, are peace, mutual understanding, tolerance of our variability, help, love, holistic approach, etc. We should invest money for doing and enhancing these values and I believe that this could be only done in the form of speakers for public opinion-making. The world would be then at least a little better. These speakers should be tolerant and educated men or women who should be more often seen on our TV screens. “Devils” from horror films make happy only the authors until their children are not murdered by someone who imitates their screenplays. Market economy requires a very skilled attitude of sophisticated supervision.

Unemployment. This phenomenon has a lot of to do with one’s attitudes. If you are educated and unsuccessful to find a job, you must learn to be resistant to avoid frustration and depression. Unemployment is linked with our evil society. This society stigmatized us with a feeling that when you are unemployed you do not mean anything, which is not truth. We should change our views in this sense to realize that we are maybe more fruitful for the world than people who are employed and who devastate nature and us. This view should be proposed to schools and educate children in this direction. The society stigmatized us with mechanism of “awards” – it is generally accepted that if you are not successful, you are inferior to others. This is not truth. (For example, responsible for this are lower establishments of education. They should use very subtle forms for marking pupils – colors, acceptable pictures of animals, etc, or no marking at all, but motivation must also be in consideration.) In Slovakia children are harmed by our school system but I do not believe that in the West the school system is much too better. Carl Rogers suggested that more money be given for developing our human environment (e.g., to impose a program on schools not to harm children by making one inferior and another one superior). The unemployed should be given a chance to be organized in social activities and public opinion-making.

Drugs. I believe that drugs are the problem only because there is not sufficient information, that there are not advocates who would have authority to speak against evil. I believe that it would be cheaper and more efficient than armies of armored policemen and soldiers who only try to stuff up the hole but do not realize why it is here. Currently a very bad incident happened in Australia (Tasmania) and many people were murdered by a crazy man. Let us look at this event in this light – the person was very unhappy (theoretical construction). Why? Society harmed him. How? Imagine that he was fired from his job only because he came late to work. What happened then? Then he had appendicitis and a doctor in a public hospital asked for a bribe. Did he give it to him? No. What happened then? The society made him feel inferior. He started hating all the people, took drugs and finally bought a gun and started killing. Most of us are not aware of co-responsibilities. Most of us are only stuffing up the holes.

I maintain that a lot of evil is done because of unfair treatment of our society. We must realize that there are weaker and stronger characters and that the weaker ones are more vulnerable. If there are no people who would “fly on drugs”, drugs would not be sold and used.

Uncertainty. This phenomenon is corresponding to unemployment in its nature. We need to develop positive attitudes for building a shield that would protect us against negative feelings. We should realize that human powers and weaknesses are relative. Uncertainty, in advanced countries, is mostly a result of wrong attitudes.

Boom of spiritualism. I believe that spiritual people have invisible horns. They spend hundreds of hours talking about Jesus but they do not realize that Jesus and Lord want this world to be a better place. Instead of speaking about Jesus or Vishnu they should rather speak to world economists and political leaders, speak against drugs, against intolerance. We all have mutual responsibility for one another. Imagine those people who do not go to church only because they do not like the priest and the priest is, hence, offended. If the priest showed real love and compassion, as Jesus showed to a prostitute whom the crowd wanted to stone, these people would go to church and would listen to the priest. I give you another example. Imagine I believe that the Lord created the devil as the opposition in the Congress (I am not a Republican). I think that devil is a friend of Lord who is vindicating the evil only to give Him criticism. If you are criticized, you are provoked and more creative. Yes people (almost all politicians have them) would hardly help the Lords and Gods and the devils. But if I go in any church and I tell this, all the “group-spirit” people will condemn me. They will tell me (this already happened to me) – “Devil is a big enemy. How can you say he is Lord’s friend? You must be a demon-possessed person.” Now, imagine other people than me, who, after being condemned, shall never contact believers because of possible rejection and feeling of inferiority in this group, and they start to look for other groups who, for example, will receive them but with ideas favoring terror and drugs; or imagine a theoretical person who, because of being condemned, refuses Catholics or Baptists and becomes a Witness of Jehovah. However, after a car accident his step child dies only because he refused the child to be given a blood transfusion. The real father of this child, who is a drunkard because his parents did not listen to priests in the same way as many other people do not listen to them because of the intuition of being rejected, will then possibly kill this step father and, as you can see it everywhere, the infinite chains of evil have continued in this form from the time the Lord created the first beast. Boom of spiritualism is more evil than it is good. We could avoid its negative effects by early psychological intervention that would develop understanding for harmony and our mutual variability. Only spiritual tolerance can be beneficial.

The rich and the poor. This is a very difficult issue but I think that we should see it, too, in the light of actions of chaining. The Australian gunman is now in prison and many people are dead. Yet, there may be many more people dead as we are still manufacturing the devils. We cannot tolerate. Why? Why it is difficult for Christians, who advocate love, to tolerate a man who thinks that Lucifer is God’s friend, or who speaks loud in church? These people will never like me and we can find the answer in history – we were taught to see everything as black and white, we were conditioned by wrong attitudes and wrong ideas that have been passed on from generation to generation (if you are not successful, you mean nothing; if you criticize me, you are my enemy; if you do not wear a tie, you must be a silly man; if you do not drive a car, you must be inferior, etc.) The poor and the rich. We cannot solve this problem entirely, but we can do a lot to contribute. If we invested less in films and less in not necessary technology and more in poor countries, we will also indirectly invest in the healthy existence that surrounds us. Helmut Kohl, the German Chancellor, had an exhaustive debate in German Parliament. He advocated Yeltsin, he said that Russia needed help, because he realizes that Russia and other countries are OUR responsibility, too. It is a pity that Helmut Kohl had to do this speech. The people around him should have known that investment in poorer countries shall bring a feed-back.

Terrorism. I will introduce a typical mistake of governments. British government refused to negotiate with IRA. Why? They said they had nothing to discuss with terrorists. But terrorists are here. They are reality. You must accept it as the sun. Then the British government changed their view and things got better. A similar mistake of US government in the past was done by rejecting Mr. Arafat a visa. There are people who have extreme demands, but if you are a politician, a leader, you must speak at least for the lives of those who live and who may be dead tomorrow. This is how it goes everywhere in the world. If politicians refuse, it may have a considerable impact. I do not want to favor IRA or Mr. Arafat or Hamas, but they are a reality. And the reality must be faced as it is whether we like it or not.


In this article I gave my opinions regarding social pathology in view that it is interconnected – both with history, presence and future – with all of us, and that the society is a factory that has a considerable participation in the manufacture of social pathology. I do not want to say that all the evil comes from society, it also comes from us – the individuals – but I believe that there is a lot that can be done for the sake of those who live and who may uselessly die tomorrow. We should develop social “Greenpeace” advocates for the benefit of our world, for those who live and who may yet be harmed. This would save our children, it would contribute to our benefit and to the benefit of state budgets of arms race.

Psychology, in former Czechoslovakia, is walking hand in hand with new trends, and even though there is a lot of to achieve, we have not to be ashamed of being in a position of telling that we know everything. Those who think they know everything hardly know a little, those who know they do know a little are more knowledgeable.